Recognizing what’s good and what’s GREAT

I love to explore, travel, and learn. I’ve always said, “Travel is the best educator.” I remember my first plane trip was to Cozumel, Mexico when I was in sixth grade. I learned so much (scuba diving, eating exotic foods) and there began my love of the Spanish language. Since then, I’ve soaked up all I could during each and every trip. This weekend, was no exception. We spun a situation into gold: the conference Mark was scheduled to attend in Chicago was canceled due to COVID. We turned that time off into a glorious long weekend vacation. I feel as if I’ve been away for weeks!

We took in so much of the city’s rich culture and history, ate tasty, international, new-to-me foods, and shared one special night with a long-time, dear friend. We walked an average of eight miles each day. All that was GREAT!

Upon returning, I completed my #theconquerorchallenges challenge of riding & walking 2021 miles in 2021, three weeks before my goal, and three months before the end of the year. That is GREAT.

Every day may not be outstanding and happy, but realizing what and WHO matters makes every day GREAT. For me, it’s being with my Mark, my daughters, my friends, and outside.

Stay well. Stay curious. Have FUN every day!!