Sharing one of my fav speakeasy places


noun: speak-easy; plural: speakeasies
(during Prohibition) an illicit liquor store or nightclub.
Last night, I shared one of my fav speakeasies with my darling daughter #2. To enter, you must know the password when the giant bouncer asks and show proper ID. Note: ladies must be at least 21 and men must be at least 24. I told the huge man I am just over 21. He cracked a smile and let us in.
We entered through the secret door to the beautiful place, lined with gilded framed portraits, lit by dangling crystal chandeliers, and pumped up with loud techno music that made my foot tap, even though I’ve never heard of these songs.
We enjoyed one hand-crafted cocktail as we sat in the tufted, red, bergère chairs awaiting the show. On Thursday nights the burlesque show kicks off the weekend. We watched people, chatted, and enjoyed the ambiance until the music changed and the dancer was introduced.


There are many speakeasies sprinkled around Dallas, maybe other cities too, that grabbed my attention last year. My goal is to visit them all.
Have a great weekend!  Be safe!
Stay well. Stay curious. Have FUN every day!!