Three (3) separate good thoughts

Following are three (3) separate good thoughts that I must share. Over the weekend I had another lesson in the joys of Word Press, photos, and touchpads. I’ve combined the photos that I took and learned how to import into this post, because they are good.

On Saturday at the Missouri Botanical Garden, I saw these two unusual and rare plants. I had to snap and share. The one on the right grows only two leaves in its entire lifetime. It’s called a Welwitschia (monotypic gymnosperm genus.) The plant on the left is an Anthurium with a corkscrew white bloom (the largest genus of the arum family; usually seen in reds and pinks.)

Getting to live in Baltimore for seven glorious years, I ate a Maryland Crab Cake or few😉… I was fortunate to acquire the recipe (and make them Gluten Free) and last night I outdid myself. The recipe I use: ( )

Maryland Crab Cakes a la Denise (Gluten Free)

When I realize how great life my life is, how healthy my family and I are, how blessed I am, it’s important and empowering to acknowledge this.



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