Today and yesterdays

I’m always interested/fascinated/curious and happily (sometimes unhappily) reminded of my journey from then to today. Facebook reminds me of posts I’ve made over the past 12 years, including these blog entries, photos, and thoughts.

Today, I look out the window to evidence of last night’s rain, and see “April showers, bring May flowers.” I will adjust my workout accordingly this morning, with no bike ride. I have a few errands today and they will be part of my ‘yesterday.’

My yesterdays include travels: to Wadi Rum, Jordan, to the Prince tribute in Abu Dhabi, to Panamá, around in Honolulu, and in So. Cal. Yesterday I found myself exploring a new neighborhood and watching airplanes take off and land from right underneath them! I smile at the reminders of the rich life I have.

I will keep making memories from the FUN I create. I hope you will too. Feel free to share some of your memories in the comments below. What are some of your favorite memories, errands, places?

Stay well. Stay curious. Have FUN every day!



By AlohaDenise

I adore my family and friends, meeting new people, travel, food (Gluten-Free please), and belly-laughing. My mantra is "HAVE FUN EVERY DAY." I've lived in five US states and two foreign countries. I am grateful, blessed, and adventurous. I like to do NDBs (never done before.) I enjoy sharing my creative and crazy Empty Nester life and inspiring others to have FUN thus staying young.