Trash or treasure?

One of my favorite outings on sunny weekends is to go estate sale hunting. Using the website, I have “found” some true treasures: a shower chair and a new wheelchair for my mother, a bookcase for our treasured books, fragrant candles we can melt down and re-create, and an occasional Waterford crystal candy dish, all or each for under ten dollars. This is another example of hunting for the good stuff.

Our ‘new to us’ bookshelf

I believe it’s a recycling of sorts: keep the goodies out of the landfills and re-purpose them in other capacities. To us, it’s a treasure hunt.

What was good for someone once, can be good for someone else now.

The law of circulation is evident here: they used and enjoyed it and now I get to use and enjoy it. It’s a win-win. PLUS, we get to see inside some amazing or artsy or abominable houses.

What do you like to do on a sunny weekend?