What life lessons I learn by traveling

As previously mentioned, I was in New York last week. We flew there to celebrate a stellar achievement and to spend time with family. The trip was an outstanding success.

We enjoyed all forms of conveyance: the subway, busses, and private cars. We saw historic sites: Times Square, the USS Intrepid, Flat Iron building, etc.) and more modern vessels: “Little Island”, the Hi-Line, Hudson Yards, and Taylor Swift’s former home.

I recommend a perusal of this list: https://www.nycgo.com/things-to-do/attractions/

The other highlight of the trip was meeting a cousin and her daughter and husband. Shout out to Fannie, Amy, and Rich!! We enjoyed a beautiful brekky spread, talked story, and shared old photos and high school yearbooks. We’ve declared that we have the BEST family!!

The life lessons I learned include:

  • show up for family when they are publicly acknowledged,
  • dig deep into family history and genealogy,
  • use any and all forms of transportation to see and learn about history,
  • take advantage of all hugs given ~ I got some from my nieces, nephews, great-nieces, new-to-me cousins, and my in-laws. 💜