Adventures of an empty nester mom

What makes my heart and soul happy?

What makes my heart and soul happy? Spending time with my HH, my TB, my Emi-lu, and my darling friends.

Two nights ago, I heard giggling behind a closed bedroom door. I knocked and was granted permission to enter; and joyfulness filled my heart to see my daughters chatting, hear them laughing, and I saw Emil-lu’s happy face on the video screen.

Last night, in honor of her upcoming nuptials, I celebrated my friend Cecilia with a happy hour + dinner in our Downtown neighborhood. We walked to the surprise progressive locations, laughing and enjoying the cool evening out. Our daughters joined us for the FUN. My heart swelled with happiness that I could share in her joy and joyous occasion.

Today, the cold weather precludes my TB from going to work, as she works outside, so I’m enjoying spending time with her during the day. I’m happy she’s safely and warmly with me.

And, as continued since last March, my HH is working from home, which means when he’s not on a call, I can sneak in a kiss and a hug. This makes my heart VERY happy.

Stay well. Stay warm. Stay HAPPY.



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By AlohaDenise

I adore my family and friends, meeting new people, travel, food (Gluten-Free please), and belly-laughing. My mantra is HAVE FUN EVERY DAY. I've lived in five US states and two foreign countries. I am grateful, blessed and adventurous. I like to do NDBs (never done before.) I enjoy sharing my creative Empty Nester life.

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