I heard a presentation this morning from a man who, when he was seven years old, literally played with fire, and burned himself 100%. He beat the odds: he lived and is thriving. This man, has a beautiful wife, four gorgeous children, a successful business, two published books, a wicked sense of humor AND he plays the piano.

He never gave up.

Don’t stop believin’

The adults in his life never gave up on him. The adults he looked up to inspired and encouraged him. His parents loved him through it all, like no parent plans to do, but is called to do.

He inspires me. I know that his words will stick with me. His story will be far-reaching. He is John O’Leary, a St. Louis native, public speaker, burn victim and a great guy.

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Live inspired and NEVER EVER GIVE UP.




John O’Leary


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