Full week of FUN

This week’s display of FUN manifested in several ways: I enjoyed several yoga classes, I walked on the Trail a bit, I checked off a Bucket List item, I painted two more pairs of blue jeans, and I worked on my final projects for my school course. Where I found the FUN was in the NDBs of it all: I learned how to jump back to a plank from a crow pose; I experienced wet, slippery sand on the Katy Trail; I sat front and center at a TEDx talk; and I acknowledge that I learned so much more in my digital photo editing class than I can show in one project. As my HH always says, “The nectar is in the journey.”

Finding FUN in everything has been my daily goal for a long time. I look for silver linings to mistakes, missteps, and mishaps. I like to ‘spin’ things into FUN and funny whenever possible.

Looking out for FUN and being present to FUN sure makes life more joyful and entertaining. Turns out I’m not the only one who thinks FUN is a key component to life:

What and where are you finding FUN?