Almost every-other-day

Here’s the Summer schedule in St. Charles: sunny, sunny, sunny & humid, rainy, sunny, repeat. Woe is the bike rider/hiker/walker.

In between house cleaning and classwork/reading assignment, I went out for my #Camino2020 walk. Alas, at the .77 mile mark, I had to do a quick “aboutface” as the clouds opened and I was out in the rain. Why, oh why, do we have so many rainy days during the Summer??? Note: that’s a rhetorical question; no need for wiki answers.

So, my NDB was walking in the rain: calmly, methodically, and gratefully. Calmly because “slow is better than hard;” methodically so I could keep my cadence, and gratefully because I know in a couple of days we’ll have sunshine again, and the green trees & colorful flowers will love the rain.

see the raindrops on my sunnies?

And, as expected, this is the sky I awoke to. 👇 I’m heading out on my bike!

Good morning beautiful day!