Be around GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL people and activities

Over the past few days, I’ve spent time in the AT&T Discovery District watching people, reading, and chatting with the Brand Ambassadors. I’ve had some great conversations with other visitors too. Remember: say “Hi!”

Conversations with like-minded, curious, enthusiastic people are so good for my soul.

T & I enjoyed the yoga class under the sky last night. The class was well attended and the symphony of sounds added to the soul-enriching experience. There were birds flying overhead in circular patterns, clouds moving in colorful formation amidst the sunset, musicians playing an electric guitar on the corner, and our teacher chanting “Shanti” accompanied by her harmonium* which was imported from India, for our Savasana.

*Harmonium musical instrument ~ A harmonium, also called a “melodeon”, “reed organ” or “pump organ”, is a keyboard instrument that is a lot like an organ. It makes sound by blowing air through reeds, which are tuned to different pitches to make musical notes. … This is joined to a mechanism which operates a bellows, sending air to the reeds.

The key, I think, to a great life and fulfilling experience is to have FUN every day and enjoy all the adventures and cool people possible… even the ones that you seek out and/or create.

Stay well. Stay curious. Stay connected. Have FUN every dang day!!